Windows Installation / Apache :

Step 1

Create Virtual Machine, 2008/2012 server with standards services.

Create a new partition. E with 50 GB capacity

Step 2

Download the latest version of :

Apache / Php / Mariadb.

Install it into E:\Webserver

Step 3

You have 3 folders :




Step 4

Download GLPI and copy the folder to E:\apache24\htdocs

Step 5

Download Phpmyadmin, heidisql.

Copy Phpmyadmin to E:\apache24\htdocs.


Install Heidisql

Step 6

Connect to glpi and setup it

http://sitename or ipadress/glpi

The best infrastructure is :

Two servers with mysql database

Backup every morning 6am / 12:30 / 11pm - copy database to second server every day 1 pm

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