Windows Installation / IIS 8.5 :

The best infrastructure is :

Two servers with mysql database

Backup every morning 6am / 12:30 / 11pm - copy database to second server every day 1 pm

Step 1

Create Virtual Machine, 2008/2012 server with standards services.

Create a new partition. E with 50 GB capacity

Step 4

Download GLPI and copy the folder to


Give write rights to GLPI folder

IUSR - IIS_USRS -Authenticated users

Step 2

Download the latest version of :

 Php / Mariadb.

IIS 8.5 + .net 3.5 + .net 4.5

Php 7.04 on e:\webserver – directory name php

Mariadb 10.1 on e:\webserver

Install Heidi sql, notepad ++, 7zip, phpmanager 1.2

Step 5

Install Heidisql and create glpi database

on IIS assign php 7.04

Create virtual directory GLPI 

Create Application pool with no managed and classic

Default document index.php

Authentification disable anonymous and enable windows authentification (SSO)

Step 3

You have 3 folders :




Step 6

Connect to glpi and setup it

http://sitename or ipadress/glpi

Server preparation :

Prerequesites :

Hardware : 4 cpu / 8go ram / dd 160go / dd 100 go

Software :

IIS 8.5

.NET 4.5

Php 7.x (install on e:\webserver)

Mariadb 10.x (install on e:\webserver)

Phpmanager 1.2 (phpmanager for IIS)

Heidi sql (mysql database administration software )

Notepad ++


IIS engine installation :

Start server manager

Manage / add roles and features

Install web server (IIS)

Select features (by default):

.Net Framework 3.5

.Net Framework 4.5

Download Microsoft Web Plateform Installer from

Products and select framework

Activate php extensions

Add PHP 7.09 (x86)

Download php from vc14x86 non thread safe

Copy the folder to e:\webserver

Mariadb installation :

Download  mariadb 10.x from

Copy or install on e:\webserver\mariadb

GLPI Installation

Download glpi 9.1 from github

Unzip to “c:\inetpub\wwwroot\glpi”

Give rights to GLPI folder to



Authenticated users

Open IIS manager create site from folder c:\inetpub\wwwroot\glpi

Activate php extensions


Define Default document index.php in default document

Authentification disable anonymous et enable windows authentification



Open heidisql

Select database

Create glpi database with root user and keepass password

Give rights from anywhere to glpi database

Open a browser

Go to http://localhost/glpi and follow the steps

© 2016 by Yannick Labbé