Change Management

What are the benefits of Change Management Process


  • Improved alignment of IT  services to business requirements

  • Increased visibility and communication of Changes to both business and service-support staff

  • Improved risk assessment

  • Reduced adverse impact of Changes on the quality of services and Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

  • Improved assessment of the cost of proposed Changes before they are incurred

  • Fewer backed-out Changes, also back-outs performed more efficiently and effectively

  • Improvements in Problem and Availability Management as they are able to use valuable management information relating to changes accumulated via the ITIL Change Management Process

  • Increased productivity of Users as less disruption and higher-quality services

  • Increased productivity of key personnel, reduced number of urgent Changes and the back-out of erroneous Changes

  • Greater ability to absorb large volume of Changes

  • Enhanced business perception of IT, improved quality of service and professional approach

Change Categories

Standard change : security patch, printer replacement, users moving

Normal change : Neither a standard change nor an urgent change

Emergency change : to resolve a Major Incident or implement a Security patch

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