How to optimize your IT Service efficiency

ITAM is the inventory keeper !

If you try to build a house without  to know what you have , what will you build ?

Some steps have to be completed to optimize an IT Service Team.

1 - Train all IT team members to ITIL Foundation (all means all IT team head of IT included)

2 - Dedicate an IT member to take IT asset management responsibility (if more than 200 users, ITAM is mandatory)

3 - Start ITSM software project (see

4 - Check all assets with Infrastructure team

5 - Head of it must enforce service management discipline, namely "change control" to keep the effectiveness of the system and the capabilities of concrete reporting.

6 - Every six month, an audit must be done to check the information quality.

IT Asset Management : answer to


What are the assets ?

Who use them ?

How to maintain assets information updating ?

Software Management

Are we in compliance ?

Have we purchased too much ?

IT Assets

Should we migrate ?

Which strategy of deployment to adopt ?

What is loss material percentage ? (broken, stolen, lost)


What should we buy ?

Should we buy or rent ?

What is the cheapest configuration ?


Material is under warranty ?

Are we insured ?




Tax reducing

Have data

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The Benefits of IT Asset Management

Buying a single piece of software off the shelf is simple. Managing software requirements, licenses and permissions across an organisation – even a small one – certainly is not. That’s before you even consider hardware.

The good news is there is a solution, and it’s called IT Asset Management.

While IT Asset Management (ITAM) may sound complicated, it’s actually quite simple really.  The process involves collecting inventory, financial and contractual data which, when analysed together, help you to manage the software and hardware over its lifetime. The process is automated where possible and as well as making things more efficient, it can also help you avoid some difficult, and potentially costly, licensing issues.

Updated in real-time, a well built ITAM system provides the user with a snapshot of all software and hardware used within an organisation – it’s a powerful tool.

Here are 5 benefits ITAM can bring to you and your business.

Control costs

According to ZDNet, IT budgets across the board are being increasingly stretched, leading many to consider ways to cut costs.

ITAM can help you to understand where and how your software is being deployed. One of the simplest ways ITAM can help you to save money is to proactively manage your software licenses, deferring new purchases and reclaiming and reallocating existing licences for unused software.

Avoid penalties

A software compliance audit can strike fear in the heart, and cause a hole in the budget. ITAM software can help you avoid difficult conversations with vendors by tracking renewal dates, ensuring you stay on top of your licensing requirements.

It’s a situation that’s becoming increasingly complex with the increase of Bring your own (BYOD) strategies.

Increase efficiency

Nobody likes paying for something they don’t use, but in the IT world we often do.

An ITAM system can help you see how your software and hardware is being used by your employees, and there are literally hundreds of ways you can use it to save money. But it can do more – it can help to save the planet too.

An effective power management tool can help you to report on the costs of energy usage and identify opportunities to save your business cash while reducing your carbon footprint.

Improve security

Industry leading publication IT Asset Management has a comprehensive list of ITAM risks, but they boil down to two categories: software and hardware.

Software issues have been covered before, but it’s not just compliance. An ITAM system can help you identify potential issues with permissions and access to information within your organisation, ensuring only those who need to access data do so.

A robust asset management system can help avoid hardware issues by supporting you to dispose of hardware correctly, identify software compatibility issues and build a complete picture of your organisation’s tech.

Knowledge is power

In a business, every bit of knowledge you collect is important. An ITAM system can help your business on a day-to-day basis in saving money and becoming more efficient, but it can also help you strategically too.

IT purchases are often made more on feel than knowledge, but with an ITAM system, that’s not the case. You can track how your organisation uses software over time, allowing you to make decisions on operational need as well as sold strategic sense.

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