Communication plan


Must be calculated depending on company size, IT assets, IT software already existing, IT inventory already existing, Business needs.

Create a table with sites / number of workstations / servers / network / appliances / printers / phones / mobiles / laptop...

This project answers to many requirements including :

  • Improve IT service desk

  • Provide a unique IT software managing operations

  • Have KPI to make statistics

  • Have an IT assets inventory

  • Centralize all IT information

  • Manage, licences, IT contracts, IT assets,

  • Have a secure login

Milestones list

  1. - Acceptation of the project by the sponsors

  2. - Define the project team

  3. - Find a php/my sql developer

  4. - Kick off the project

  5. - Schedule and plan the project

  6. - Design the infrastructure

  7. - Create a test environment

  8. - Install Fusioninventory and GLPI software according to the step 6

  9. - Export data from intranet to GLPI

  10. - Setup fusioninventory and GLPI

  11. - Make a demo

  12. - Finalize the implementation

  13. - Develop the features according to the requirements

  14. - Migrate the solution from test to production

  15. - Close the project


Quality constraint : The ITSM objective is to bring answers to all requirements

Cost constraint : According to the ITSM budget, it is important to respect the resources budget to start to use the ITSM

Key success factor


Project completed on time

Budget on line

Resources workload correctly estimated and used

Users experience

Documentation completed

Unigestion CI is entirely loaded

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