SAM admin (role: sam_admin) only allowed to approve normalization suggestions on table: samp_normalization_suggestion

Discovery model changes from status Manually Normalized to Normalized 

(the sam_admin users can approve multiple suggestions, first creating the filter on that table and then click on the top right selector – Accept or Reject -) 


Important fields to verify depending on the status of Normalization (rows in green color): 


Possible Normalization statuses: 


Product Definitions provided by ServiceNow (apps recognized by the Content Library): 


Pattern Normalization Rule (table: samp_pattern_normalization) => useful when certain fields – name, publisher or discovered product – require a specific field mapping  


Scheduled jobs: 

SAM – Find Normalization Suggestions => By default, runs weekly at 16:02 

SAM – Find Product Definition Suggestions => By default, runs weekly at 16:02 

SAM – Normalize discovery models using content library rules => By default, runs daily at 16:03h 


Scheduled jobs can be run On-demand (with roles admin, import_admin or import_scheduler) from: 


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